Our Office

What makes us unique?

You can’t start with the dentistry and hope that everything goes well. You must start with the child–take care of their concerns–once a child feels comfortable the dentistry is easy.

Our five pediatric dentists and orthodontist share a common core philosophy: Positive pediatric dental experiences are critical; and, for virtually all children, a positive experience is achievable.

Almost all dentists will agree that positive pediatric dental experiences are critical, however, we truly believe that this positive experience is achievable for virtually all children.

Our doctors specialize in not only pediatrics, but in compassion and understanding, in fact our entire staff does. Below are a just a few reasons why Alpharetta Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics stands apart.

Quality time with the Dentist


We know it might sound silly, but at some offices, you might talk to an assistant or hygienist but not the doctor. At Alpharetta Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, your child’s doctor will take time at the end of the appointment to personally discuss your child’s oral health and address any concerns.

Undivided Attention

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Often times, doctors will “mutli-task” and see other patients during fillings, extractions, etc. At Alpharetta Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, if your child needs more than a check-up, we’ll schedule an appointment with a doctor that will be only focused on your child.

Not having the best day? No problem… we’ll reschedule!

One of 2 things will happen when your child comes to our office for an appointment:

1. Your child will feel comfortable and we will do typical appointment activities: cleaning, fluoride, exam; or

2. Your child will not feel comfortable and we will stop. We will not push your child through a difficult appointment if your child does not feel comfortable. Doing an exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment is not more important than your child’s emotional well-being.