Daraja Day 2013

Singing, smiling, laughing… all could be seen at Alpharetta Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics on Saturday, July 27 for Daraja Day, as free dental care was provided to the members of the Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa.

For the third year, ACD opened their doors and arms at the North Point office for “Daraja Day”, and provided free dental care to 28 members of the choir during their time in Georgia. The overall goal of the choir, which is supported by the non-profit organization The 410 Bridge, is to provide Ugandan children the opportunity to grow in confidence and learn leadership skills to apply to everyday life in Africa, while conveying unbelievable amounts of hope and joy through spiritual praise. A total of 27 volunteers made up of Alpharetta Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics pediatric dentists, hygienists, assistants and other volunteers gathered together to make the day possible and provide dental care to the children from Uganda.

One choir member, Sylivia, talked about her experience at Daraja Day by saying “the doctors – they were so funny! They put the toothpaste on the brush and cleaned our teeth to help keep our teeth safe and healthy! I am so thankful of that because I have not cleaned my teeth a lot but now they are really shiny like an angel!”

The Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa is a traveling international hope exchange organization with the goal of globally broadening the children’s horizons, widening their perspective of the world, and making an impact and investment in the future of Uganda. For more information on booking, or to see how you can help the children’s choir, please visit: www.darajachoir.org