Coins4CURE Online Donations!

Saving Your Coins at Home? You Can Donate Them to Coins4CURE Online!

Our Coins4CURE fundraiser that we’ve developed to raise money for CURE Childhood Cancer is officially taking off! We want to be sure that anyone who wants to contribute is able to…therefore, we have a simple online donation option for anyone to help and show their Coins4CURE support!

Our Coins4CURE online donation feature comes in handy for: those collecting coins at home, friends, family, those who want to make a donation to support a certain school’s coin drive…basically, anyone!

A few neat thing about our Coins4CURE online donations:

  • 100% goes to CURE Childhood Cancer
  • We’ve made it really simple
  • Visit: to make a donation online.
  • Your Coins4CURE online donation can count towards your favorite school’s coin drive. For example: if you donate $50.00 to CURE Childhood Cancer at our Coins4CURE Online Donation page,  you can have that $50.00 count towards a school’s grand total raised for their coin drive.