ACD Grant

Over the past 5 years, ACD has donated over $500,000 to non-profit organizations around the U.S. and the World…Now we’re looking for your help!

Introducing the ACD Grant…because All Children Deserve a wonderful life, regardless of age, financial situations or hard economic times. Help us to determine how the $10,000 ACD Grant will be divided between three deserving non-profit organizations.

How Can You Help?

Over the years, we have donated to many non-profit organizations around the U.S. and the World, but certainly have missed some just around the corner! 

Are you a current patient and know of a non-profit organization that does amazing things for children? We want to hear about it! Nominate them for the ACD Grant until July 31. Three organizations will be chosen as finalists for the grant, giving away a total of $10,000 to non-profit organizations. An online voting process will determine how the grant is split between the three finalists. Applications will close July 31, 2013.

For applications and more information, click here.